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spring fashions
spring fashions
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Shalin Spring Fashion

Many aspects of Western have become common among Indian men, particularly in the professional community. Horizontal stripes and plaids are common on casual business shirts, particularly among Indians in North America. Owing to growth of women empowerment and influence of western culture, nowadays most of the teen and adult girls in cities wear low hip jeans, low neck tops, tight jean trousers with salwar, half trousers, sleeveless T shirts etc. Women who hail from rural villages usually wear frocks and half sarees; boys normally wear a shirt and pants, whether formally or casually.The most accepted formal spring dressing for couples in formal occasions like parties and weddings is spring saree for the ladies and formal pants and shirts with suits in the winter for the men. While one is utterly ethnic and Indian the latter is very western and out of India.

Cotton kurtas are today the most common women’s wear all over India and the world. Spring Kurta style differs slightly in the various regions like Cotten Kurtas , embroidered kurta, chikan kurtas. The kurta designs today are still created in same manner and fashion as they were made ages ago for a Lady princess. A kurta top or kurta blouse can be wear with every style of pant, weather juridar, salwar or straight trouser, even with a long skirt you are always fashionably well dressed in a perfect ensemble. Colorful embroidered kurtas are elegant evening wear as well as casual day dress. Especially the world famous Chikan Kurta from Lucknow are unique masterpieces of handmade embroidery work in classic traditional designs from the craftsmen of the capital of Uttat Pradesh. Latest fashion trends show designer kurtas on the international runways. Nearly every fashion designer has a collection of ladies kurtas in his portfolio. In every part of the world, every possible event and party you can find cotton or silk ladies kurtas shining in the crowds.

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